Add colour to indoor and outdoor settings

Our collection of colourful throws and cushions makes it easy to combine colours and materials to create an attractive, personal expression. The bright summer evenings that are round the corner call for cosy days and evenings spent with family and friends under the open sky. Create a coherent and harmonious expression in indoor and outdoor settings with this summer’ gorgeous trend colours.

Colour trend 2021

We are seeing an increased focus on home design and the role it plays for our everyday life. In uncertain times, when we are also spending more time at home, interior design is taking on greater importance. Thus, one key trend in 2021 is the use of harmonious natural colours that create a calm atmosphere and which are a perfect match for the Nordic minimalist style. Our collection contains beautiful, natural colour tones that strike a note of calm and balance. These soft, neutral colours reflect a change in lifestyle towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life in calm, secure environments.

Neutral colour palette for balance and harmony

Our calm, natural colour tones are inspired by the raw beauty of Nordic nature. The colour scale ranges from clear blues to neutral sand tones reminiscent of the beach and sea of the Nordic coastline. Mute greys and sand tones bring a timeless expression to any space, whether indoors or out, and give your home a sophisticated and exclusive look. When you choose throws and cushions from our wide colour scale you can create colour variation between your rooms, in a style that includes beautiful contrasts while maintaining a harmonious colour scheme.

In addition, we created a series of warm earth tones to complement our more neutral colour scale. One of the key trends this seasons will be reddish-brown notes that bring up images of rich clay soil or the red, warm sand of sun-baked deserts.