Popular summer colours  

Summer and bright sunny days spark a natural desire to give our homes a lighter, airy feel. With our soft colours, inspired by nature, you can create a bright, calm base. We have taken a playful approach to textiles and colourways to create a series of lovely, colourful throws and cushions that add an aesthetic touch and create a cosy atmosphere to your home interior.

Create the holiday mood in your own home

Our design catalogue includes vibrant and airy expressions in light, Scandinavian notes that strike a beautiful contrast to the countless shades of green that characterize a Danish summer. If you would like to bring a holiday mood to your outdoor settings, use cushions and throws in warm, rich colours to create an exotic or Mediterranean feel. Soft, inviting cushions and throws bring a warm, cosy feel and create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. In addition, textiles are a simple way to give your indoor and outdoor settings a makeover by brining in new colours and materials.

Throws in trendy and timeless summer colours

Throws add beautiful colour accents and a warm expression to the many cosy corners around your home. Cushions and throws are a simple and excellent way to try out new colours in your home interior. Bold, intense colours can underscore your personal taste and energize your home. Our coloured throws complement each other perfectly but each of them is also beautiful on its own. The ability of colours to affect our mood is a quality we seek to incorporate into our design collaborations and our own designs.