Margrethe Odgaard

Expert in matching colours

Margrethe Odgaard

Margrethe Odgaard is a danish designer, who is expert about textiles and combining colors. Her Fanja designs are made by Margrethe Odgaards playing design perspective.

Margrethe Odgaard graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. She opened her design studio in 2013 in Copenhagen. Before that she has been working as a textile designer in Philadelphia and Paris. 

She is globally recognised for her colours, patterns and her work with textiles. 

Margrethe Odgaard designed the two throws named Franja for Silkeborg Uldspinderi as a design collaboration. Her design is standing out from the others - the fringes are on the sides instead of the top and bottom where it’s usually placed. 

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