Our focus this season has been the development of a new timeless and strong color scale. We have incorporated both warm and cold colors and colors that can be mixed and 

matched in several different ways. We have looked at authentic designs from the archives and matched them with colors that represent our Nordic foundation.

When developing new colors, we are drawn by nature. Flora, fauna, plants, trees, flowers, berries, sea, sky, earth, minerals, and pigments. This is what our collection represents. Authentic colors, authentic materials, and an honest product – all with great respect for our shared planet. 

Available in stores and online mid-Oktober


Mandø is a classic in the Silkeborg Uldspinderi collection. A soft version of a design and in a color scale that we would like to define as the new neutrals. An honest product in an authentic quality and in an authentic design. 

This season Mandø is launched in a grey color scale and with two new colors introduced for the very first time in the Silkeborg Uldspinderi collection - namely Fjord and Seaweed. Both colors are inspired by nature and can be characterized as a color, but at the same time acting harmonic and neutral in the décor. 



Livø will look familiar to the dedicated Silkeborg Uldspinderi fan. Livø has the same design as our best-selling Fanø throw, but we have replaced the white base with a cold grey color to give Livø a more contemporary look. 

Combined with the new colors Seaweed, Fjord and Rosewood you get a harmonic collection of throws in the same color tone – a nature inspired color scheme that does not interfere with an interior décor and which gives you an element that can easily be incorporated in your home. 



Askø is a new design from the archives, which we are launching in color combinations that goes across the collection. The design is characterized by stripes and a graphic zig-zag pattern – but in a neutral color scale that allows the element of tactility to be in focus. 

Askø is launched in the new color Herbal – a light khaki color that matches the quality of the Scandinavian wool perfectly. The Herbal throw will be perfect and easily matched in a tone-in-tone home in a bright color scale. 


Drejø is a new design inspired by the Danish furniture designs from the 70’s. Drejø has six large fields in varying colors – a bold expression and a graphic touch to it. Depending on the way you fold the throw it is possible to create different atmospheres and expressions.

Drejø is presented in classic colors – a grey mix, a blue tone color scale and in rose, which gives a more subtle and feminine touch to Drejø. 



Lima is launched in four new colors this season – colors that are deep, intense, and sophisticated. Lima calls for a home with a high aesthetic and a sense of design. And this is what characterizes the elegant alpaca throws – they almost call for saturated colors, so that we can get the most sublime expression out of the high quality. 

The four new colors are Beetroot – a reddish, elegant color, Rosewood – which draws reference to terracotta, Caramel – a golden, curry-like color, and Pine – a dark green color with reference to the Danish forests.



Caracas is a new design launched in our exclusive baby alpaca. We went for a graphic design with reference to the 70’s – an old classic pattern but brought up to a contemporary look and feel. 

Caracas is launched in four different color combinations that matches the alpaca very well. You get the warm Caramel with a dark grey check. The classic Marina is navy and light grey – a combination, which gives contrast. The elegant Beetroot is matched with the softer light grey. And the new color Umber – a cold khaki – meets a dark grey check. Four strong combinations that can be mixed and matched with the rest of the AW22 collection.