Warp & Weft by Tina Ratzer

Warp & Weft is a new collection of throws created by Danish textile designer Tina Ratzer, the series settles natural colours in an architectural system. The result is both classical and modern.


” I work with repetition; shaping my work in a particular pattern.”

Those are the words from textile designer Tina Ratzer, the maker behind the new Warp & Weft collection from Silkeborg Uldspinderi. The six, checkered throws are all 100% wool. The various, fascinating colour-combinations are a result of Tina Ratzer’s important knowledge about both architecture and nature:

“Warp & Weft is based on a grid, a repetition. In this way I’ve created a harmonic pattern, emphasizing the horizontal and vertical rhythm of the threads. Plus, I’ve played with different widths of the stripes to obtain a more vivid expression,” the designer tells.


As a younger person Tina Ratzer studied construction management, but she would soon realize she preferred a career in design. Yet, she brought the systematic approach to housebuilding into her work with textile designs. Especially when she, a few years back, began experimenting with plant-dyeing. Here she needed a structural method to capture the uncontrolled savagery she discovered in the different plants’ colours. The wisdom from that line of work has been put to use in developing the colour combinations for Warp & Weft.

About Tina Ratzer

“Based on my experiments with plant-dyeing, I have chosen a more simple, harmonic colour-scheme to ensure a peaceful and stable unity” Tina Ratzer tells


The new throw comes in not less than six, vibrant varieties that each will bring a natural elegance into any home. For example, the raw white/lilac ’Vibrant’, drawing direct inspiration from the seducingly violet, South African flower, Coleus Neochilus. Or ’Sprout’, blending two shades of green, reflecting the bright green mosses in the dark underwood.

Other options are the warm, heartfelt ’Love’, the light, summery ’Balance’, the safe and comforting ’Embrace’ and the discreet, understated ’Stable’.


The Warp & Weft-collection is the first design-cooperation made from RWS-certified wool. RWS, or Responsible Wool Standard, guarantees that the wool is produced with animal welfare and good land management in mind. The certification ensures a close monitoring of the wool and the manufacturing of it, all the way from the back of the sheep to the end consumer.

All in all, the robust, reliable quality, combined with the convincing colours and the exceptionally light wool, makes Warp & Weft a sustainable, sturdy throw, designed to spark joy in many years to come.