Witek & Golik

Sisse Witek & Martyna Golik

Witek & Golik

Witek & Golik, who concurrently operate the Posé Posê design studio, provides the framework for Sisse Witek and Martyna Golik’s collaboration. Martyna Golik has a Bachelor degree in Art and Textile Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and a Master’s degree in Textile Design from the Danish Design School. Sisse Witek has a Master’s degree in Textile Design from the Danish Design School. Since completing their degrees in 2015, they have had a studio on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Activities have included commercial design and art projects, as well as their own products under the Posé Posê brand during the last year.

When tradition and renewal meet
The meeting between the dreamy pleasure of colours on the one hand and our strong roots in the Scandinavian style on the other has formed the basis of the collaboration. The best from two apparently conflicting worlds have been combined in a modern design with popular appeal. Owner of Silkeborg Uldspinderi, Jesper C. Olsen, elaborates: “Witek & Golik are a breath of fresh air in the collection. They represent a new generation of textile designers with an international outlook. They’re not bound by tradition, yet at the same time they have a deep respect for the craft that forms the basis of their profession.”

Focus on colour
Educated in the shadow of the financial crisis, where drab was often the answer to long-life and sustainability, the two young designers that make up the duo, Danish Sisse Witek and Polish-born Martyna Golik, insist that the use of colours is not the antithesis of long-life. In fact, quite the opposite. The two designers describe their design philosophy thus: “In our collaboration, working with colours is an essential part of the design process. We have a straightforward approach, and for us, it is important that our design has character and is significant. We’ve therefore spent a lot of time developing and selecting the perfect colour palette for Silkeborg Uldspinderi.

Colours are an expression of personality, individuality and temperament, and we wish to design expressive items that become an extension of people’s identity and which put them in a good mood.” The two designers continue: “The throws are weaved in a jacquard pattern, and the quality is the softest combination of wool and alpaca. We’ve combined different yarn colours in warp and weft respectively (in weaving, the yarn in the longitudinal direction is called warp, while the transverse yarn is known as weft, ed.).

In many of the company’s other series, the warp is a neutral colour such as white or grey. Experimenting with this has given the plaids a vivid and refreshingly new expression.” The name Dashes refers to the simple geometric shapes that are turned and mirrored so that they create a living and vibrant surface. The pattern has a uniform rhythm but is still surprising and illogical.

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