Arequipa - the ultimate luxury

Arequipa is the name of our exclusive series of plaids, pillows and scarves in 100% baby alpaca from Peru. The Arequipa series comes in the most beautiful natural colors and will be a long-lasting classic, that you will never get tired of.

Arequipa is also the name of the capital of the region of the same name in southern Peru. The city is also called the white city due to the many white buildings in the old town, which are built of special volcanic rocks that occur in the region. In November 2000, Arequipa's Old Town was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, as the 10th place in Peru.

Arequipa Scarves

A scarf for all seasons

The Arequipa scarf is great for both him and her and all year round. The scarf comes in two sizes, 30 x 300 cm and 60 x 200 cm as well as in 6 different colors. The large scarf is perfect on a cold winter day, but also great in summer as a shawl on a cool evening on the terrace.

Arequipa Plaids

Alpaca gives products of high quality

The alpaca has adapted to the harsh climate of the Andes with a fantastic, thick fur suit that insulates against both cold and heat.

Alpaca fibers are smooth, pliable and flexible. This means that a plaid or scarf in alpaca falls beautifully, softly and glossy. Even very thin plaids are warm - and can be used by most wool allergy sufferers.

At Silkeborg Uldspinderi we work with alpaca from Peru. Here, the vast majority of alpacas live naturally, and here the craft of refining the raw fiber into beautiful textiles of very high quality has been refined for generations.

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