How to use the plaid as a bedspread

Did you know that Silkeborg Uldspinderi also makes plaids that are well suited as bedspreads? We have made some models extra large and given them a nice linen edge, so you can use them as a nice bedspread that creates peace for the eye.


Bedspread in wool

Our wool bedspreads are produced based on our in-depth knowledge of the production of wool products. We have knowledge within the production of quality wool and especially a lot about processing quality wool - we use our knowledge to ensure, that the products you get, do not scratch. The wool bedspreads come in many different sizes, patterns and colors and here you get a bedspread with both weight and warmth.


Bedspread in baby alpaca

Mendoza is the name of our bedspread in the material baby alpaca. Mendoza is produced from some of the softest fur one can find on an alpaca. The bedspread is incredibly soft and delicate and a lot thinner than the bedspreads made of pure wool. However, it still provides a nice warmth, if you need to take it over you.


How to style your bedspread

A bedspread can have many different expressions, and when you use a plaid as a bedspread, you can fold it in several different ways. For example, you can fold a plaid for a nice runner to the foot end of the bed, if you have some nice bedding that you want to show off at the same time, as the bed should be neatly arranged. In addition, you can of course also choose a plaid, that is so large, that it can cover the entire bed. In this connection, it will be obvious to combine with pillows in matching colors, so you achieve an exclusive hotel look.

The good thing, about using a plaid as a bedspread, is also, that you have it at hand and can use it as extra warmth over the duvet or just as a blanket, if you take an afternoon nap on the bed.

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