Our products

Silkeborg Uldspinderi offers a wide selection of throws, bedspreads, cushions and scarves. We work exclusively in wool and alpaca, as these fibres produce the best results. Our knowledge of wool and alpaca has been built during the three generations Silkeborg Uldspinderi has existed.

After many years as a wool mill

After all these years, we take pride in our in-depth knowledge about wool. We rely on it daily as we critically select the materials we use to weave our products. Our interior design products provide a functional solution in a beautiful form. Initially, we only used wool, but we were fascinated to learn about the properties of alpaca fibres. Today, we have a wide product line in alpaca, from throws and cushions to scarves and bedspreads.

Scarves, cushions and bedspreads

Silkeborg Uldspinderi is mainly known for woven throws, as the wool throws originally formed the mainstay of the company. Over the years, we have come to appreciate the wonderful qualities of bedspreads, cushions and scarves in wool and alpaca. Our scarves are made of alpaca, which makes them incredibly soft and luxurious to wear. Our bedspreads are woven in either wool or alpaca. Like our throws and bedspreads, our cushions are available in both wool and alpaca.

Quality comes before design

Since top quality is the main priority of our company, it always comes before the design. We never put a design into production until we are certain it meets our exacting quality standards. To make sure that quality and design go hand in hand, we have established collaborations with talented designers. In these partnerships we can combine our knowledge of quality with the designer’s knowledge of colours and patterns. Quality and price also go hand in hand, which means that our products are worth every penny. Our prices vary, depending which product you choose. Wool is a less expensive material than alpaca, so our woollen products are more affordable than our alpaca products.

As both wool and alpaca are incredibly durable fibres, our products last for many years. This long lifespan means you can keep and enjoy the products for years to come.

Our selection of alpaca qualities

Our alpaca line includes two qualities: baby alpaca and premium baby alpaca, which have varying degrees of softness. The word ‘baby’ does not mean that the fibre comes from baby alpacas but simply refers to the incredible softness of the material. Premium baby alpaca is slightly more expensive and even softer, which we signal with the ‘premium’ label.