Quality throws in wool

Throws can be used all year round, both indoors and out. Decorate your home with soft textiles, which create a homely and inviting feel that your guests will appreciate. Wool throws come in a wide range of colours and qualities, so you may be surprised to discover just how soft and luxurious a wool throw can be. There is a big difference between a Scandinavian wool throw and an ‘ordinary’ wool throw. Scandinavian wool throws are coarser and thicker, while ordinary throws are lighter and softer.

A wool throw is the perfect everyday product

When it comes to the objects we use on a daily basis, it is important to prioritize quality and durability. A wool throw is not ‘just’ a throw, it is also a decorative interior design element and a great way to create a calm, cosy atmosphere. You should be picky when you decide which type of wool throw matches your needs. Always go for the best quality throws on the market. Quality is a feeling that should be in focus every day.

Many years of interior design experience

Wool throws have long been a feature in Scandinavian interior design. They come in a wide range of sizes and designs, so you should have no trouble finding one that matches your personal style. A wool throw fits in anywhere – whether you place it in a basket, on your sofa, in your easy chair or on the patio, a throw makes any setting seem more inviting. Wool throws create a calm, cosy atmosphere in your home, bringing a warm, homely look that will make your guests feel welcome. A coloured throw can be used to underscore your personal taste and style and help tie together the expression of your sofa and the art on your walls.

Time for relaxation

Use a wool throw to create a cosy atmosphere in the present moment. When you come home and it’s that time of day – the time when you allow yourself a moment to relax in the sofa and enjoy the sense of calm setting in – a wool throw adds that special touch that makes the moment perfect. A warm throw brings a calm, cosy, relaxing feel. You can share the feeling with friends and family over a cup of coffee in your living room or enjoy a long, cool summer evening outside on the patio. As an added bonus, a wool throw can be machine-washed, and knowing that it is so easy to clean lets you be more relaxed about how you use it – you don’t need to worry about taking it outside, as you can always throw it in the wash if it gets a stain.