Embracing the Scandinavian nature and the ever-changing seasons. Our new AW23 collection is a tribute to the captivating beauty of Scandinavian nature and the rhythm of the changing seasons. Inspired by the raw landscapes and harmonious nuances that define the North, each piece in this collection reflects our design philosophy.


Discover true Nordic beauty with the fantastic Season throw. Inspired by the breathtaking nature and changing seasons of Scandinavia, this throw brings harmony and ambiance to any space.

The colour palette of the Season throw is carefully chosen to reflect the soft and beautiful hues that characterize the changing Scandinavian seasons and the surrounding nature. The cool and soothing shades of blue and green evoke the coastal areas and forests, while the warm and inviting tones add a special charm.

Whether taken on a trip or used to create a cozy atmosphere at home, the lightweight and versatile design of the Season throw will keep you warm and add a touch of natural elegance. The Season collection ranges from the completely natural tones to the bolder shades.



The Caracas series is expanded with three new colours for autumn. With a gray base, the two light colours exude natural beauty, while the black colour adds a more masculine and minimalist style. The classic design is inspired by Scandinavian architectural culture, highlighting the throw’s graphic expression. Made of the finest baby alpaca, the Caracas throw is thin and delicate, fitting perfectly into any home with
its timeless and classic design.

Caracas is launched in three new colours:
Black, Pine, and Rosewood.



The Drejø throw embodies Scandinavian design traditions. With six large fields in different colours, the throw exudes a clean and graphic impression that is beautifully balanced by the soft colours. The throw’s design allows for different atmospheres and expressions depending on how it is folded. Like the rest of the Ø-series, Drejø is woven from 100% wool, where we strive to use as much Scandinavian wool as possible. This combination of aesthetics and functionality makes Drejø a perfect companion for any interior design.

Drejø is launched in four new colours: Sage, Sea, Aqua, and Camel.



Askø was introduced last year in three colours, all inspired by the Scandinavian nature. The throw features a harmonious design characterized by stripes and a herringbone pattern, but in a neutral colour palette that allows the tactile element to take center stage.

With colour combinations that span across the collection, we embraces an approach of simple and classic design, creating a beautiful harmony among the various models.

Askø is launched in the colour Rosewood.



The Bornholm throw is a classic woolen throw and part of our Ø Collection. The throw follows the classic design traditions, evident in its understated design with diagonal patterns. Now, the throw is introduced in a new size of 130 x 200 cm, which, combined with its classic design, is suitable for any room.

The four colours, inspired by Bornholm's raw nature, embrace you with warmth and softness. With its soft and minimalist expression and timeless natural colours that perfectly align with the clean Scandinavian aesthetic and the popular Japandi style, the throw adds a sense of calm and contemplation.

Bornholm is launched in our classic natural colours: Light Grey, Birch Sand, Gotland Brown, and Nature.