Introducing the latest addition to the collection, the Secret throw. As the name suggests, this throw holds a small and delightful secret with a different colour on each side.

An elegant design with beautiful details

Woven from 100% worsted wool,
the Secret throw is soft and comfortable surface but also incredibly warm. The wool is gently woven together to create a
unique density and durability, ensuring that the throw can be
enjoyed for many years to come.

Secret is the first throw to be launched in 100% certified
RWS wool.

The Secret throw creates a simple and elegant ambiance with the possibility of multiple expressions, thanks to its two-tone design. The fringes follow the colours, adding a delicate contrast, while the diagonal weaving on one side gives the throw a unique and flexible design.

The colour spectrum ranges from neutral and minimalist tones
to cool and warm shades, allowing it to match most interior styles, both
classic and vibrant.

Secret is launched in the colour combinations: Moss/Seaweed,
Granith/Black, Beetroot/Rhubarb, Ocean/Ink, and Ocher/Caramel.

Moss / Seaweed

Ocher / Caramel

Granite / Black

Ocean / Ink

Beetroot / Rhubarb