Franja Throw 170x140 cmGreen-Blue


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Color code: 00-105050092101235170x140 cm

Franja is made in two different colors and the size is 140 x 170 cm.

Franja is made from 50% alpaca and 50% wool. The throw Franja is the latest design collaboration. The designer behind Franja is Margrethe Odgaard.

The throw is named after the Spanish word for stripe or edge, as reflected in the
throw's edge and multi-colored fringe.

In their beautiful colors, 'Butter Peach' and 'Burgundy Blue', the 'Franja' throws add a lovely touch to the many cozy corners in your home.

Franja is made from 50% wool and 50% baby alpaca. The throw is different from others because the fringes are on the sides instead of the top and bottom of the throw - where it usually is.

The throws are two faced, with two different colors, one side in sunflower yellow and peach and one with dark blue and a strong red. With this design you can choose what color you are in the mood to show.

Quote by Margrethe Odgaard: “I used the fringe to underscore the playful quality of the design; the striking, colored fringe is highlighted because it appears on the long sides, and that adds a very alternative quality to the throw in comparison to a traditional one.”

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Wool is a unique natural material. Wool insulates. It can keep you both cool and warm thanks to the fibres’ special structure, which is able to trap lots of air. It is the air in the textile that provides insulation, and a thin woollen plaid is therefore much warmer than a thicker one made of cotton, for example.

At Silkeborg Uldspinderi our focus begins on the raw wool so that we are always able to ensure that we can attain the desired quality that is then processed and transformed into plaids and cushions of a quality that will last for many years.

Baby Alpaca

The alpaca has adapted to the Andes’ harsh climate with its fantastic thick coat that provides insulation against both heat and cold.

The Alpaca fibres are smooth, supple and flexible. As a result, a plaid or a scarf of alpaca is attractive, soft and lustrous. Even very thin plaids are warm – and can be used by the majority of people who are allergic to wool.

At Silkeborg Uldspinderi we work with alpaca from Peru, where the vast majority of the population of alpaca have their natural habitat. The skills of local artisans have been refined down through generations, thus enabling the raw fibres to be transformed into beautiful textiles of exceptional quality.

Premium Baby Alpaca

Premium Baby Alpaca are the finest classification of the Alpaca fibers, is determined by how thin and fine each fibre is – and thus has nothing to do with the age of the animal. The fibres are sorted meticulously after shearing, with only the finest hairs being designated Premium. Premium alpaca has an almost silky feel and a special lustre; it is used for our most exclusive plaids.

Alpaca & Wool

Wool and alpaca each have their own unique properties and we have chosen to combine in a number of soft, warm products.

Wool fibres provide volume and airiness, whilst the alpaca’s long, smooth fibres provide extraordinary softness and lightness.  The result is a quality which is lighter than that found in pure wool, but which is at the same time more woolly and airy than our pure alpaca series. Light, soft plaids with an attractive appearance and lots of warmth.

The wool and alpaca fibres in all our products are naturally dirt-repellent, so the majority of stains caused by juice, coffee, etc., can be prevented by carefully dabbing the surface with a dry cloth before the stain gets into the fibres.

Wool and alpaca fibres are excellent at absorbing moisture and are to a certain extent self-cleaning. We, therefore, recommend airing our clothes on a frequent basis.


All our products in 100% wool can be washed on a wool cycle at maximum 30 degrees Celsius and a maximum 600 revs when spin-drying.

It is important that the item is laid out to dry as soon as the washing cycle is complete. Do not hang up the item, but lay it flat – e.g. on a drying rack or similar. Make sure that the garment is completely dry before folding. In the event that the item is heavily soiled – e.g. with red wine or oil – we recommend sending it to be dry-cleaned before attempting to wash it yourself.

Baby Alpaca & Premium Baby Alpaca

Our plaids, scarves and cushions in alpaca are manufactured from very fine and thin fibres. We therefore always recommend that you have your alpaca products dry-cleaned if stains or similar appear on them.

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