Welcome to the universe of green

Nature is pure and known for its rich and dark colors, like green. A color that represents balance and harmony and symbolizes re-creation and rebirth. At Silkeborg Uldspinderi we love green, and you will find it throughout our various ranges.

Cusco Plaid
Here you see the Cusco plaid in the beautiful color Teal Green. Cusco is a timeless plaid in 100% baby alpaca. The alpaca fibers give the plaid an exclusive and incredibly soft quality and at the same time provide a unique lightness combined with warmth. Take a look at the plaid in the beautiful green color here.
A popular favorite is the striped Sweater Plaid in green, which is the result of an exclusive collaboration with the danish design duo Stilleben. The design is made with the purpose of combining aesthetics and coziness in the living room, on the terrace or in the bedroom all year round. Take a closer look at the stripes right here.

More Green Favorites

From left to right you see Sevilla Plaid in Pine Green // Miami Plaid in Haze Green // La Paz in Moss Green // Trujillo Plaid in Sage Green // Athen Plaid in Botanic Green // Bogø Plaid in Light Green.

Explore our entire green universe right here.