Magical Spring Moments

If you have a balcony, a terrace or a garden, outdoor life probably means a lot. Especially, when we experience the magical spring moments and balmy afternoons and evenings like now. No matter how you have decorated yourself, the outdoor space is the most important space at this time of year. Therefore, it is obvious to fill the outdoor space with small (soft) oases, that make you want to seek out.


For example, consider how you use the outdoor space the most? Should there be room for play, a cozy reading nook or the opportunity to eat out? Feel free to create more zones so that there is a favorite spot for the whole family.


If space is tight, drop the large sun loungers and use a thick and soft plaid instead, which can work for both play, a picnic or a much-needed nap.

Fill large baskets with blankets and pillows so that they are within easy reach, and so that the warm evenings can be extended without having to move inside.

Also, do not be afraid to take the plaid on a trip. Take it in the bike basket and invite your loved ones to a picnic in the summer country. Cover up with summer service and serve delicious snacks, while together enjoying a cozy moment in the lap of nature.

Find plaids for your outdoor environment here.