Twist a Twill - a throw by Tina Ratzer

Twist a twill is made from 100% worsted wool. The design collaboration with Tina Ratzer was the collaboration that started our interest in creating design collaborations.

This design is beautiful and simple. Twist a Twill’s pattern makes peace in our mind, while emphasizing the personality of each home the throw is brought to.

Twist a Twill Throw

Designer Tina Ratzer

Tina Ratzer is a qualified textile designer from Design School Kolding. Ratzer has a tactile and sensuous approach to her designs, often using geometric expressions and balanced colour composition in her product designs, but always with a twist or a surprising detail that enable the artisan’s techniques to come to the fore. She uses the interaction between the textile craft and our high-tech world, which gives her designs a modern expression in a recognisable language. Since 1999 she has worked from her own studio in Copenhagen.

Twist a Twill Throw

Since the success in 2008 when Tina Ratzer created the Twist a Twill throw for us, the designer and weaver has enjoyed a unique status in our company “We are thrilled to be able to resume our working relationship with Tina Ratzer. She was originally the person who opened our eyes to the importance of working with a capable designer and artisan when she created the Twist a Twill plaid for us. We learnt a lot from this and we’re pleased to be able to draw on Tina’s huge knowledge within textiles and weaving once again. Moreover, her designs have the unique quality that they completely hit the spot in terms of Silkeborg Uldspinderi’s DNA,” concludes Jesper C. Olsen owner of Silkeborg Uldspinderi.

Tina Ratzer adds: “My collaboration with Silkeborg Uldspinderi is built on trust in its professional competence. I have free rein to develop a pattern in a quality I believe in. The company has a unique knowledge of raw wool and processing, and they don’t compromise when it comes to the appearance and feel of the finished product. I just couldn’t find a better match in terms of my principles and values,” says Tina Ratzer.

Twist a Twill is available in 11 beautiful colors and you can view them all right here.