The best gift

The best gift you could give someone would have to be a warm hug that lasts and lasts. Give someone you love a beautiful and functional quality throw to let them feel your care and affection every day. At Silkeborg Uldspinderi you can find quality pure wool throws in a quality that will never let you down.

Share the warm, relaxed mood

When you give a wool throw as a gift, you give the recipient a great way to bring extra relaxation and calm into a hectic everyday life. Throws are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere. They are great for a relaxing break on the sofa or a cool summer evening on the patio. For some quiet time alone or a pleasant time with others, a wool throw is equally pleasant and practical.

A gift that lasts for years

Throws and cushions in wool and alpaca last for many years and add a beautiful touch to any room in your home. A throw is a perfect gift for anyone who would like to give their interior design a simple makeover – it can transform the expression of a sofa and thus extend its lifespan. Or maybe the recipient has a beautiful work of art whose colours deserve to brought out by a throw in a matching colourway. Due to the hardwearing fibres, the products are very low-maintenance.

A sustainable gift

Wool and alpaca er fully biodegradable and reusable materials. The manufacturing of products in wool or alpaca does not release plastic into the environment. The manufacturing of woollen items uses 18% less energy than the production of items in polyester and up to 70% less water than the production of 100 cotton T-shirts. And even though wool is amazingly sustainable, the production of alpaca is even more sustainable. Wool and alpaca are materials with great properties that help protect our planet.

A hypo-allergenic throw

Allergic reactions to alpaca throws are extremely rare, as alpaca fibre contains no lanolin. Some people are allergic to woollen throws; this is often due to the natural content of lanolin in sheep’s wool. The amount of lanolin in wool throws varies with the sheep’s habitat. Scandinavian sheep produce more lanolin, as lanolin makes the sheep’s coat water-repellent and thus less heavy when it rains. Sheep living further south are not exposed to as much rain as Scandinavian sheep, and hence they do not need to produce as much lanolin. Someone who has allergic reactions to wool will often be fine with an alpaca throw.